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The Browser for Enterprise-Level Architecture

Navigate your systems’ architecture, from big picture to code. Diagrams Always Up-to-date Automatic Layout Expansible/Collapsible Containers Infinite Levels Simple C4 Notation Book a Demo

Developed in partnership with Nubank

"I was waiting for a tool like this for literally 25 years!"
Philipp Meier Senior Staff Software Engineer at Nubank

See what you are doing

BELA generates interactive C4 diagrams that display the current state of your architecture from big-picture down to code. These diagrams, coupled with the built-in navigation features of BELA, help you better understand the implications of potential changes, identify areas for optimization, and create more effective strategies for system evolution.

Spot spurious and cyclic dependencies

Problematic dependencies are highlighted in red for immediate visibility. Prevent potential pitfalls and maintain a clean codebase. Transform code maintenance from tedious guesswork into a straightforward process and promote healthier, more robust designs.

Interactive model

BELA is not just about understanding your current architecture but also about planning for your future. The modeling feature lets you visualize potential changes to your architecture, test different scenarios, and foresee the impacts before implementing them. Model your enterprise architecture strategies and step into the future with confidence.
"It's great to always have the exact diagram I need when talking to non-engineers,
even without knowing beforehand where the conversation will go"
Eden Ferreira Staff Software Engineer at Nubank

100% Compatible

BELA's elegant API is compatible with all languages and environments. Learn More
"BELA is very powerful when I need to simulate a new connection or
create a new micro-service and explore the impacts this can bring."
Helton Isac Senior Software Engineer at Nubank

How to use BELA

Connect Repos

Connect your repositories to BELA using Github Actions, for example. The BELA Docker app analyses your repo every time there is a new commit and sends up-to-date architecture data to your BELA workspace. Learn More

Tame your software chaos and boost your productivity with BELA

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